Monday, May 31, 2010

Shrek 4: Forever After

Oh yeah, forgot to say that we went to see the final Shrek last week. How could we not? While the previous Shrek (3) was not so great, and this one was kind of lack luster as well, I will say that Shrek 4 was better than Shrek 3

The premise of #4 is that Shrek wakes up one day and thinks.. "is this it? is this all there is? what happened to my life?" and wished that he could have his swamp back the way it was. Him, the swamp, no family responsibilities, people terrified because he is an ogre. So in a "That's a Wonderful Life" theme, Shrek learns what life would have been like had he not rescued the princess and changed his life.

There are great animations, hilarious scenes (especially the Fat Cat in boots, just not the same as it was eh?) and more of that lovable Shrek action that we remember.

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