Saturday, May 22, 2010

Foodies Unite!

Last night, I had the first of what I hope will be many future "Get to know you" Socials at my house. The main premise is this: I have a large group of friends that get together from time to time, and as there are so many of us (about 20), we get together in the large group that we are but do we really get the chance for meaningful conversation with each other. So I thought to invite different friends for dinner once a month, meaning different people, who likely wouldn't spend time together, get a chance to talk over dinner, instead of some noisy room.

It went well. I invited one of my fellow foodies. I don't know her that well, as in we haven 't gotten together often, but it was so great to have her come. I recruited her assistance in the kitchen. "Foodies Unite!" was her response. She was so thrilled to do so. For me, it was practical. I really wasn't sure that I minced the garlic properly, and I wasn't sure about what parts of the green onions that I was supposed to use.

Later I teased her and said, "You put pepper on your salad? I have never seen anyone do this."
Her retort was "this? from the woman who puts corn syrup on her pancakes?"

It is interesting to see what eccentricities people have. I don't know why people think that my use of corn syrup is an oddity, but then I don't understand how people, such as my spouse, can use table syrup. It is essentially water. I think that the reason we used it in my family, was that mom bought it for baking and then figured we should use it more (otherwise it goes to waste). We ended up liking it, and use it all the time. Yes, it is an expensive bugger but then I suppose with the watery stuff people use it twice as fast?

Anyhow, I look forward to future foodies (or non-foodies) gatherings.

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Jenn said...

You put corn syrup on your pancakes? D would LOVE you --a kindred spirit!! lol He LOVES that stuff! I use Aunt Jermima's LITE maple syrup...or even triple berry's maple syrup...