Saturday, January 16, 2010

Out with the Old.. in with the New

So 2 days before Christmas break, the washer/dryer up and died on us. Complete with a "magic smoke show" as hubby puts it. There was smoke coming from the side of the dryer and the smell of burning... metal, I guess it was. Well that was that. I figure the old machine was as old as the house .. so.. 13 years old.
Guess it was a good thing that hubby hadn't yet bought me my Christmas present, so on Boxing Day, when we returned from the in laws, we drove to Home Depot and bought the new set. As you may have read in my previous posts, we were less than impressed with the service when we changed the delivery day and even got a response from some Home Depot rep from Atlanta, complete with email correspondence.

So a week later, our in laws came through on their way to a trip and helped put in a new floor. We ripped up the vinyl floor (that was curling away from the walls)
and put down a hardwood floor. Father in law works at Habitat for Humanity thrift store where contractors dump scraps and people bring furniture and what not. So our "new" floor cost $2 total, plus labor (*wink*).

I LOVVEE my new washer set. After we figured out the stacker kit, I dumped in my laundry that weekend and after figuring out the dials and settings, was sooo happy to pull out fresh clean smelling laundry.

Now I should go down stairs and see if hubby needs help with my actual Christmas present. IKEA furniture to go in the area vacated by the piano. I look forward to having a place to put my linens again, as the table cloths and place mats get strewn around or mixed with sheets on another floor.

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