Thursday, January 28, 2010

.. I am getting older.. but is that why I did that?

I had a "senior moment" today. I have joked that I have been getting old since I hit 23, as I noticed that my "senior moments" are increasing. I would put down the pen and not be able to find it despite hunting my entire desk for it, where I am sure it was "just a minute ago. It didn't grow legs..." I then later put it off as scatterbrain-ness, or the fact that I work with the elderly, most of whom have dementia. To paraphrase a mother's day card that I once gave to my mother, "dementia is contagious, you can get it from your kids." I have used "dementia is contagious..." followed by " you'll go crazy after working here a while, or maybe I already was" ...

So the "scatterbrain" moment of the day is the fact that there is some work being done at my house. The Kitchen will get the final seal put on the counters, hnece I had to make sure it was cleaned off and empty the sink. So I did this, and it threw me off. I FORGOT TO PUT ON MAKEUP TODAY. and I didn't realize it until I was at work for an hour. So now I have to spend the day with no makeup on. I am not used to this, and sure I can't see myself, but I know!! AND I brought the camera as it is someone's last day tomorrow, AND I get cake as it is my birthday tomorrow (and I am taking the day off to go to the spa.) No makeup tomorrow I understand... maybe I was hoping today was tomorrow and jumped the gun..?

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