Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wahoo! the kitchen is finished. Well it has been finished since.. the 11th, last Friday. But I haven't had time to even clean up enough to enjoy my new counters. The day after the counters were installed, I had piano movers come and take my piano that was sold a few weeks before. Then we went to Costco to buy food for a church function, made vegetarian lasagna, then the next day I cooked for 60 people. Now the kitchen people are coming back again this week (we hope) to apply the permanent seal. Still I have no idea where some things are, so I've started to put the kitchen to rights.
Only to discover that the dishwasher was not "reinstalled" properly, as water pooled at the bottom. Hubby and father in law figured out what as wrong, not before I nearly flooded the floor.

Anyhow, we will have to work on this some more tomorrow.

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Jenn said...

WOW very nice!