Sunday, December 06, 2009

Snag in kitchen renovation

So... hubby and I decided to replace the kitchen counters. We picked the stone and had it ordered. That was... 3-4 weeks ago. Now we have been told that the granite has been shipped, but is stuck at the border. This is the stone that we picked. It is called New Caledonia. However... this is not the stone that we are getting. We were given the option of waiting until mid January, but really I just want this done. I just realized that the tax rebate would not be valid if we didn't do it this month. So... we went with option 2 and looked at another stone that is a variation of the same stone at a local place.

So... December 17th, here we go. I'm told it takes 2-3 hours for installation. Including removal of the old one, and installation of the sink. Wahoo!!

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