Friday, December 04, 2009

Rude greeting in the morning email

Talk about a way to start my day... I realized this morning that my hotmail was hacked... They used my vacation status and signature to send this

Dear sir/madam:
Please forgive us to disturb your valued time.
This is a big wholesale company in china, sell electronic products to all the world,such as laptop, camera, phone and so on. We can offer the low price and high quality to you. If you have free
time, please take a few to visit our official website: XXXXXXXX
Then any questions, please contact us freely.
Email: *********************

Temporary use your e-mail, I am sorry

Like... What the heck is this??? So I called my hubby at work, who works for a computer company. (helps to know ppl eh?) who told me that I was not the only one. He said that it was likely a program that hammered my account until it guessed my password, and likely don't even know... but I changed it anyhow.

EERRGGH!! If I have to change my email yet AGAIN.. I will be be freaking UPSET!!

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