Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Holiday wrap up

We began the holiday weekend by trying to sort out the mess left from the kitchen counter installation. We have been waiting for the final sealant to be applied. The person who does this is not committing to a date as his wife was due to give birth. So while I have cleaned up the other 2 floors, the 1st floor is still in disarray.

So while we were packing to go away for the weekend, the washer/dryer, that has likely been in the house for 16 years, decided to give us a smoke show and died. So it's a good thing that we hadn't bought anything major for Christmas as now we have to replace the laundry. We however need to get a stackable due to the space that we have for the laundry. Ugh. Living in townhouse complex can be annoying. I hope that when we buy a house, a stand alone house, that it will have a good layout. One that makes sense.

So we have ordered our new set, but can't get it delivered til later than I would like. Actually the set can be delivered, it is the stacker kit that the company is out of... irony eh?
You would think that they would have had more foresight than this.

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Jenn said...

tis probably a issue of other annoying ppl like DH & I who purchased flat pieces that can just simply be screwed to each other & stuck in a corner. the front load style kenmore didn't need a stack kit...chances are more ppl are buying this type than the type you purchased which doesn't help the fact that it sucks any less.