Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Retail Therapy

I remember the first time I heard this term.. one of my former colleagues used it 3 years ago as her stress relief from a hard day at work. Retail therapy.... applies to the splurge on the big ticket item... or even a small trinket. Perfect for me as Hubby coined the term "shiny" for me upon taking me to the mall. His family saw "shiny" whenever I saw hats at DisneyWorld on our first family trip post wedding. The thing that I have had to learn about "retail therapy" over the years is that I had to prevent my impulsive nature from kicking in. It doesn't always work, but I am not as bad as Kinsella's character, Rebecca Bloomwood, in Confessions of a Shopaholic. The book is way funnier than the movie, but then movies screw things up all the time as she doesn't come to America until the sequel, Shopoholic takes Manhattan. Anyhow, my sister taught me to ask 3 questions before purchasing an item: Do I want it? Do I need it? Can I afford it? If your answer to any of these is no, then do not buy it. or amend to put it down and come back if you REEAALLLY I have also learned that if and when you find something you like, particularly clothing, you should buy it in all colors that appeal as it is likely you will never find this fit or style that works for you again.(This is a tip that I learned from someone's Facebook status when she posted that she found a shirt that she liked SOOO much that she bought it in 14 different colors!!! Oh my. I won't go to the length of 14 colors, but I do remember buying 3 colors of the same shirt in the past 6 months.)

I plan to hunt down my current favorite pair of jeans. I typically shop at Reitman's, and Additionelle. So I had to figure out the brand name and who sells it. Hoepfully I can find another pair. I bought them because I wanted another pair of jeans that worked, but weren't really blue denim, you know. There is sort of a dress code at my office. While other departments wear jeans whenever, specifically blue jeans, my department is understood not to wear them except Causal Friday. Well, I have invested in various colors of comfy denim over the years, Forest Green, Purple, Beige, and the quinessential Black. My favorite black jeans are actually from Walmart, but I seem to have gained weight yet again, (probably from pre-halloween and post halloween and inbetween indulges) and so they aren't the same anymore.

So tomorrow I will go to the store to buy groceries, mail an important letter and stop at Reitmans to see if I can find another pair of comfy "Tall, boot cut" dark blue denim jeans. Do I want them? yes Do I need them? Of course!! can I afford them? How can I not??!

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