Friday, October 30, 2009

stigma? hmm

I just saw the weirdest thing. Well considering it is Halloween soon, not so weird. So I am home due to a head cold and it affects my hearing. Hubby says it is stress. Any how, ironically I was watching a new talk show by Dr. Oz, of Oprah fame. He is answering questions about various health issues. One woman was on, she is probably 30, and lost hearing in her 20's. She was complaining about the difficulty to adjust and the stigma associated. They fitted her with this device, called an extended wear hearing aid. Forgive me but I'm sceptical. This is obviously for a certain type of hearing loss. But they literally put it IN THE EAR CANAL. and she could hear without wearing the aid.

I have never seen this before. It is something wow, but I got a kick out of the way it was presented. It is true that hearing loss can be a stigma, but I don't think it is that much of a stigma. (This after 30 years ... hmm.)

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