Monday, September 07, 2009

Julie & Julia -Review

This weekend, we saw Julie & Julia. While it has been out for a week or so, the theatre was still packed. Had we gone later, we would have had to sit apart or right in the front...

I have never seen Julia Child in action, but from what I saw in this movie, she was quite the character. Meryl Streep played Julia, while Amy Adams played Julie. Julie worked for a government agency but had aspired to be a writer. Her friends were sucessful business women while she was an unaccomplished writer. Julie decided to do something that she loved.. to cook. Somehow she decided that she would try to cook her way through the cookbook written by Julia Child, in one year. Over 500 recipes in 365 days.

We also see Julia's passion and rise to fame. The stories are very different, but similar strains. Both struggle to embrace their passions, and find fame while doing so. What I loved and learned is that Julia made hats (my passion) before finding fame at her passion (french food).

I haven't really watched Ms. Streep that often, but she was fabulous in this movie, and brought the character to life. I regret that I did not watch Ms. Child in action while she was alive, but hope to see her passion come alive on screen when I find her old shows.

A wonderful story. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh some more..

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