Saturday, August 29, 2009

So much for a relaxing getaway

We are in Victoria, BC for a weekend getaway. We are here specifically for the current featured exhibit at the Royal BC Museum, "Treasures of the World". It is on tour from the British Royal Museum, and is only a snip-it of the London's collection. It was ... enthralling, starting with the origins of civilization, Africa, Egypt, Greece.. and going through the various global regions. I was so excited when we got to the Egyptian exhibit, I nearly cried. I have loved archeology for years, and have devoured various books, but it was a sacred privilege to be near such ancient pieces of history, to see (and in same cases) handle for myself.

The not so relaxing part is that we got here yesterday after cramming ourselves and our car on to a small ferry from the mainland, and arrived at our hotel after 10. I had requested a King sized bed. We got a room on the second floor, which was not the same one as before, it was actually next to the previous room. But the bed was not really a king. It was 2 twins put together. The worst sleep of our lives. Hubby woke up complaining of a sleepless night and a cold coming on. So we requested another room. Now we have a REAL kingsize bed with a "real" mattress. It is soft. It has no seam. So we look forward to a relaxing night of sleep this evening when we return.

So we ahve been to eh Museum, and have reservations for High Tea tomorrow. Of course, I have just the hat, but we still went to Roberta's Hats and bought me another for the collection. So now we are off to Butchart gardens before the day ends..
it is only 4 p.m So much to do...

pictures will be posted later as we need to go...

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