Sunday, August 30, 2009

Relaxing weekend.?? What a start.

So I totally forgot to mention the BEGINNING of the trip.. that made me wonder how it would go in the end. We went the ferry terminal on Friday evening, and had time to run in and get some food for supper. We had about 30 minutes until they would call boarding. On our way out I got stopped by a woman who looked vaguely familar. "Hi Honey, do you remember me?"
"You look vaguely familiar. How do I know you?"
"Oh you look like someone I know. Do you have a sister?"
"Yes, but she lives in Nova Scotia."
"Oh well did you pass by here earlier?"
"Likely, when we came to get food." answered my husband.
"That's it. That's where I knew you from." (then there was a hard sell for makeup, complete with "honey do you want to change your life?" to which I said, "I already did when I met him." but that didn't seem to phase her. "You are a tough customer. But I like you. I am going to change your life and give you a deal.")

So that was interesting. There was NO way I could get her to stop and frankly I was looking for some foundation, so... it worked out in some way, but I detest hard sells and people telling me that I "HAVE TO " do something. Especially those who do not accept any answer to the contrary. Ugh.

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