Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer/hot weather faux pas

Hot weather has hit our place with a vengeance!! This is when you see people as they really are! even when you wish that you didn't. You get to see all the bulges, beer bellies, cellulite, and flab.
Then you also see people have questionable ch
oices of attire.
do people think that what they are wearing is ok? I realize that it is a sauna outside and that people are trying to wear clothes that are cooling... but why do people think that they should/can wear what they do?? I don't need to see your bra straps even if it an "acceptable" thing, or bikini tops as shirts, or thongs/flip flops with your dressy outfits. I think that Stacy and Clinton would have a thing or 2 to say about what people are wearing these days.

I realize that I do not always make the best wardrobe choices at times, but I can't help but play fashion police in my head...

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