Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter Movie #6

.. And now we have to wait until 2011 for another installment of this series. True the book is out and the series is finished, but it is different when one sees a story come to life in front of their eyes. Saw this movie on the weekend. It was good. No surprise that it was number one of the weekend at the box office. This movie was supposed to have been out last year and was postponed for some reason... likely a shot at the Oscars or whatever other award there is. The special effects were well done. I had forgotten the plot of this movie and hence jumped out my seat, literally, at one point in the movie. As did my friend. Stuff was missing from the plotline, but the story made sense regardless. This is why books are better.. you get more background, more behind the facts info and the build up of suspense can last for days, hours, rather than the amount one crams into a 2 hour movie. Now I will likely reread book 6 and 7.

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