Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Everything goes wrong at the same time...

So this is my day off... well it's Canada Day -- a statutory holiday. So I have the day off, in the middle of the week, which makes no sense... but that is another story.

So I decide that I will try to get some things done that I have not had time or energy for. Like calling for a hair appointment. First of all, I have put that off because my stylist is MIA. Disappeared and I have no idea where. Second of all, it is a stat day. So nothing is open. UGH!

Then I call the phone company to discuss changing my phone plan. They aren't open either.

Then I phone the cable company. Get put on hold. And forget about my call back. They call back while I'm in the shower. Finally got them back and changed my cable bill. (No point in paying for stuff I don't use.)

Then I clean the kitchen after breakfast. Dishwasher REFUSES to turn on. I check the fuse box. Nothing. Call hubby who is at work today. Call his father who knows about these things. He's not in. I wait a few hours and then phone the place I bought it from. I get an appointment for a WEEK FROM TODAY!! when I am not home of course. Because I work on weekdays.

Then I continue cleaning and hopefully will purge more junk that I don't use. Don't need. I have been reading a new book that I bought after seeing a review in the paper. It is 397 ways to save written by a BC woman. It is very easy to read. While there are some items I knew before, like don't use plastic to pay for something if you don't actually have the money and pay more than minimum payment on your credit cards, and there are sections like rentals.. which do not apply to me, a home owner.

So now I have to remember to research and find time to call a few places to consider changing our billing and/or financial options in other areas. Hopefully I follow through with the "get rid of what you don't use" idea better. This is always my goal... but I don't always have the enthusiasm (or disgust with) to get rid of the excess.

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