Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just got back from yet another movie. This time I picked the movie and it would be considered a "chick flick". Hubby and I got there late and ended up sitting way far away from each other. The movie was "The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It is about a high powered executive in a publishing company who learns she is to be deported back to Canada because her visa has expired. So she blackmails her assistant of three years into marrying her. The immigration officer doesn't believe them and they end up in Alaska for the weekend with his family, for his grandmother's 90th birthday party, and end up with an impromptu wedding. Do they go through with it? or not.

The movie is funny, has sad parts and is hilarious!! There are plot twists and of course, Betty White rocks as the grandma.

Irony is that Sandra, an American, plays a Canadian who will be deported from New York, while Ryan, a native Vancouverite, plays an American from Alaska.

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