Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's going on?

Yes. so.. it is the middle of May and I haven't written anything much for weeks. Been busy with work and life and stuff. Lately my issue or the "big thing" in my life is the fact that my hearing is screwed up. It is hard to explain except to say that certain things are "off". Piano and music in general sounds out of tune. There is sometimes a "re verb" or distortion of sound with some voices, even my own. And it is NOT the hearing aid. So I have been to the GP, who cleaned out my ears and sent me to the ENT at my request. He looks at me, (while I am symptomless) and says I'm fine, but use Neilmed.
This is a nasal flush/wash. I hate it, so I probably don't do it as often as "prescribed". This weekend the symptoms were back, so I didn't go to choir practice, and didn't sing in choir for Sunday either. Then I stayed home yesterday. Realized that it doesn't do me much good to stay there and hide or hibernate or whatever. So I decided to come to work even though I am not "all better" when the boss asked. "No, but I'm here." was my reply.

So now I wait for an audiology appointment to assess if my hearing has indeed gone down.

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