Friday, May 22, 2009

Other movies of May

May has been the month of movies!! It began with X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This had good special effects and even some funny moments. So the plot is basically this: Wolverine (aka Logan) and his brother Sabretooth are a unique pair of brothers, unique for their `special talents`. In the course of things, the two have a difference of opinion about how they should live their lives and end up at war with one another. There are other interesting mutants, Ryan Reynolds, our Canadian actor, who becomes Deadpool. (This character gets his own movie in 2012.) Of course there is love and romance, but my favorite line was when Logan, who has been working as a lumberjack in Alberta, is recruited by an American military character who says `` Do it for your Country.`` To which Logan (Wolverine) replies `` I`m Canadian".

The following week was the release of Star Trek, a prequel, if you will. Wahoo!! Considering that Star Trek, the orignal series ran from 1966-1969, and spawned 10 movies and 3 others TV series, one would wonder " What could possibly be left?" Well, apparantly we needed a movie about how it was before Star Trek was. Of course, getting other actors to play the iconic roles was likely a difficult choice and caused some controversy among diehard Trekkies.

I was thrilled to see the likes of Zachary Quinto as Spock, best known as Sylar in Heroes, Karl Urban as McCoy; his entrance to the scene begins drunk and offering Kirk, played by Chris Pine, a drink. Also nice to see Zoe Saldana, who plays Uhura. I first saw her in Centre Stage and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl An enjoyable movie, even for Trekkies. For those die hards, yes, there were some issues, but considering the franchise history, it was a fun movie.

The third week saw the release of Angels and Demons, based on the book by Dan Brown. I enjoyed the book and the movie. The important thing to remember is that it is a story, not really based on fact, as most stories are. The plot is basically that the pope dies, and the cardinals convene to decide who will be the next pope. The 4 prime candidates are kidnapped and held for ransom, else they will be branded and killed. It is determined that the Illuminati are behind this. The Illuminati are considered to be an Order who were thought to be conspriing against the Roman Catholic Church. Like Da Vinci Code, the fate of the world and the Roman Catholic Church are thought to be doomed due to the mysterious appearance of the Illuminati. Once again, Brown has weaved a story of intrigue using art and history, my 2 favorite things. Despite the controversy surrounding this movie and Code, it was well down with wonderful scenes from Ewan McGregor and Tom Hanks. I was particularly thrilled to see Gino Conforti as
Cardinal Pugini as I have not seen him since his days as Felipe Gomez on Three's Company.

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