Monday, March 30, 2009

Blue goo...

So I got home from a long day and was tidying up for the maid's arrival tomorrow (yes I know it is irony to "clean" for the maids who will clean.. but go with me here) and was moving a pile of clothes to the laundry room. And I notice the strong smell of detergent. Thinking nothing of it, I close the door and don't reopen it until I decided to do a load of my laundry. That is when I realized that I had smelled the STRONG scent of detergent. The detergent had exploded or something!! and pooled on the top of my wardrobe/cupboard where the container sits, and then ran down the doors to the floor, getting the pile that was there soaked with blue Tide. No I do not have a picture of this, although the thought did occur to me, but I don't know where the camera is.. and really, Blue goo infiltrating my laundry is NOT what I needed today. I have no idea why it did that!! I took the container down and it now sits in the bathtub. I don't think the maid service will wonder as they had seen some odd things in their time of cleaning people's houses... this will be nothing. The annoying thing is that, even though the wardrobe was a cheap putit together fromWalmart type, the blue goo has ruined the finish... you can see where the streaks down the doors are.
Ah yes the mysteries of life.

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