Monday, February 02, 2009

Me? a security risk?

Feb 1st, 2009

So we checked in to our flight this morning.. no checked bags. We go through the security area with our numerous bags. 2 suitcases, a laptop bag, a backpack, a box of lego and my "purse" (oversize carryall). We had to take off our shoes and jackets. Take out the laptop and place it alone in the bin for xray. Halfway through, we are stopped. I have my suitcase, my laptop, my jacket and shoes, but hubby only has a lego box and nothing else!! Then the US officers in security at LAX are calling over what seems to be every other person they can. Even a man in a plain suit looking like the head honcho. What bag is it? and we could tell you. It's the black one. Well hubby had a black suitcase, a grey and black backpack and my black. It's the suitcase. Hubby details what's in it. Then they say no no, it's the laptop bag. Oh, that's just cords for the computer. Then after 15 minutes, or so of waiting, they pull out the real bag of contention. After asking about an mp3 player, after asking to detail the contents of the suitcase, we discover that it was really the backpack they were asking about. and what was the real problem.. This hat.

It has batteries with wires attached to "candles" that light up when you push a button on the exterior of the hat. Well what a relief. What a way to end my birthday trip. They finally let hubby put his shoes on and then go to explain to the man in the brown suit what was the issue. So I guess it was a learning experience for all. We'll see what happens when I go through security in Canada.

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