Friday, January 30, 2009

Scenes from my 35th

Yesterday was fun. We started my free day in Disneyland Park and went on the Indiana Jones ride. A bit too herky-jerky for me. Then we went on Splash mountain. We were allowed to stay on the same boat and go through twice. So we were drenched on one side, then on the other. Hubby was in the front, so he got the most. This photo is from "after... It is hard to tell but we were soaked through. After returning to the hotel and changing to shorts (I had to borrow a pair from hubby as I didn't realize it would be so warm... 23 and 24!!)

We went on pretty much every ride, Matterhorn, space mountain, winnie the pooh, had photos with characters like Brer Bear, Minnie, Tigger, Pooh, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and generally had fun.

I did end the day being sick. We didn't eat at the "regular" time, and I felt sick but knew I had to eat something. Had pizza from the shop in front of our hotel. Fell asleep while hubby was in the shower and then woke up every hour it seemed and spent my time on the floor of the bathroom getting rid of my supper. Not a nice way to end your birthday. Some of my friends would say it is wierd as I didn't even have a drink, so it wasn't a hangover, but man it felt worse than that.

We had 2 full days left of Disney. Got there late this afternoon, like noonish and then I insisted that we go to back to the hotel so that I
could go take a nap. So hence, the last photo is how I ended this day. I ate dried toast, gravol, some eggs, fruit and hot tea.

It is interesting when you go to restaurants here. I asked for Black tea and was told that they didn't have that. I mean "hot tea". Ugh. It takes a while to get things through to them.

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