Monday, January 26, 2009

Disney trip Day 1-- We ended up at a timeshare presentation!!

So we are in Anaheim CA. I decided that for my 35th birthday, I would go somewhere fun rather than blow money on a huge party. We arrived at LAX airport and got to our shuttle to go to the hotel.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that we are right on the doorstep of Disneyland. So we walk 5 minutes and we are in.

As we arrived for Saturday noon, we didn`t go to Disney right away and wandered to a mall. Went to a movie.. Dark Knight (Batman) in IMAX. Nothing really so thrilling as it was just a movie on a screen. Sure it was a big screen, but it wasn`t real IMAX with surround screen or 3D.
We ended our day in our hotel room watching Tom Hanks in Castaway. I have never seen the whole thing, so it finally made sense.

The next day was Sunday. Our first day for Disney. We decided not to use up our tickets as I screwed and and didn`t get the right ones. I thought that it was a ticket with a bonus day, but that wasn`t what it said. So we wandered Downtown Disney and in the end, hubby went to Legoland and bought his ``ultra expensive, only available in the States find. He`s happy and I don`t have to go there again.

Oh right you are probably wondering where does the timeshare thing come in.. the night we were wandering the mall, we stopped to looked at a menu for a restaurany and we were approached by a woman who asked if we wanted 100 disney $$. To which my husband said it`s a time share isn`t it
we ended up being picked up in a limo, driven around the block
and down to the far end of the street where we are staying. We then go in a Crown Plaza hotel for a Shell Vacation Club presentation. There was no video but we were in a noisy room full of about 20 other couples all meeting one on one with a rep. The rep began with a photo album of his kids and telling us how he got into this line of work and how great the company is. So essentially instead a `old style` time share, this was one where you can own property or equity and then stay anywhere in the world, wherever the company has a holding. The catch of course is that you have to commit to buy one there. Some did. There was a man who looked like Santa and his new bride, an engaged couple planning to marry within the year, and a few others. When they agreed, the rep silenced the room, announced who they were and the couple then pop 3 balloons, while we ``welcomed`` them into the Shell Family.

It was entertaining although past our agreen upon 90 minutes. We had three different men try to sell us on this idea. It was funny to watch my hubby get worked up and argue with the first one, who used the ``I`m your buddy`` tactic, trying to butter us up, before they brought in the tough, no nonsense guys, and we ended with the `Big Boss`` dropping rates even moreso, and we still refused. «Comparing notes with the other 2 couples in the car, we were treated to only 3 as some got 4 people.

It was interesting. I never want to do that again, but we did get disney bucks that paid for the hats that we bought today.

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