Monday, December 01, 2008

Quality at rock bottom price! Free!

I am amazed at people! I have had these photos posted on Craigslist for 2 months or so. I found the first quilt, double sided, in a sofabed that I was given. It was heavy and was the main reason that the bed was heavy to move. It is handstitched. I showed it to my motherinlaw who makes quilts. While it is lovely, the stitching is inferior. I offered this quilt for $35-45 on craigslist, Kijiji. No takers.
The second quilt, pastel patchwork, was from my husband's stuff. It was not made by my mother in law so there is no sentimental value to it. It is lightweight. Bright and pretty. This one I offered for $25 -30. Did I get any takers? No!

I finally got annoyed at the various things that are in my house, and posted this on freecycle. I have gotten 25 emails from various people wanting to take one or the other. I decided to give to the first person who asked to take both, as I often do the first come, first serve criteria, but I should have read a few of the others. There were "my mother is in a longterm care facility and my dad is moving in with us. These would be perfect to brighten things up." and "My children/grandchildren had similar ones that were lost. This would be perfect."
Talk about heartbreaking stories.

Even still, I am amazed. No one will pay perfectly good money for these quality items, but boy will they do anything for something free!

(Ok, most people will. They say they are coming and then they find out where I live, tell me that they are coming only to not show up.)

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