Monday, December 22, 2008

One of the Best Movies by Jim Carey

Ok, let me explain my title... of all the movies that I have seen with Jim Carey, this is by far, one of his better ones. I don't know what it is .. either the man is picking better movies as he has gotten older, or he has been able to make the transition from slapschtick (ie. The Mask) and stupid (Dumb and Dumber) to drama and semi-serious storylines which display his acting abilities. One can only watch his rubber face for so long because going crazy...

The premise of this movie is that Carl, who is a loan officer in a bank, is unhappy with his life in pretty much EVERY aspect. He doesn't want to take risks, and as a result has a boring life where he wallows in his misery. He goes to a "YES is the New No" seminar and starts to say "yes" to everything. That is how he ends up meeting Alison, and adventure ensues.

Feel good movie. Totally!!

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