Friday, November 14, 2008

A tale of 2 men...

This book is FABULOUS. "Born Standing Up" is written by Steve Martin about his years doing stand up before he achieved fame.

It is very well written. I had previously heard that he had written the book Shopgirl, from which he adapted a screenplay/movie that he both directed and starred. I haven't seen that movie, but having read Steve's biographical account of his pre-fame life, I am definitely a fan!!

This book is full of reflections on the man that he was, hopes for his career and has details about his routines -- how they developed and why. I had no idea that Steve played banjo so much, that he was an accomplished magician and he got his "showbiz" start at Disneyland.

Another biography that I recently finished is Sinatra: The Life I realize that there are a lot of stories written about the iconic figure, but this version of the biography was difficult to get through. While it had a lot of meaty information about the man and his life, it did not do much to endear me to him. It took him from being a beloved icon, whose movies I own, to someone who I could take a break from, especially having read some of the details of his life.

I first fell in love with the man when I watched him in "Guys and Dolls" but my all time favorite movie remains "On the Town". One thing the book got right is that up to the day he died, he maintained passion within the songs.

It is certainly a contrast to read these different biographies about 2 different icons in show business. Of course I realize the difference is that when an individual writes their own story, they often leave things out. Also when someone else writes the story about you, they might not get the details right either.

Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the biography by Steve Martin. It made me want to get more of his movies and to see and read more of his work.

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