Monday, October 27, 2008

Yipee!! My new smoothtop stove came today. I didn't even say goodbye to the old one. The old had a broken knob, so I couldn't turn on the back right burner. The darn thing wouldn't turn. I was SUPPOSED to get this stove 2 weeks ago when they delivered the dishwasher. I refused to let them take my old stove until they brought me a new one. The other "new" one had a DENT in it. Not on the side or the back where no one will see it, but RIGHT ON TOP. UGH!! HOW do you dent a stove? Drop it? Slam it!! Drop something on it, I'll bet. So they originally offered me $75 off delivery and white touch up paint. I said, Honey, if I wanted a "used" looking stove, I would have bought one from Craigslist. When I try to resell this house where I live, no one is going to want a dented stove!! Now bring me my real stove.!!" I had 2 weeks. Well 2 weeks are up. Yippee! I have never had a smooth top before, always coils. That are ANNOYING to clean. My mother has flat top burners. They are raised and black and you need special cleaner for it. This is different. But we'll see how she handles!!

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