Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still paranoid

So on Thursday morning, I disposed of the mouse and trap and thought "ha, that's the last of that."

Had an exterminator come and look at the house. He said the "seal" in the crawlspace was good and looked elsewhere in the house. Gave me glue traps and bait, and then said he'd check with us in a month. So there is no exposed food in my crawlspace/pantry storage. EVERY thing is in boxes, sealed. .... or is it?

This afternoon, I went to the kitchen to get lunch for hubby and myself and had brought up the soup for the hubby before going back to the kitchen to find myself some bread or crackers. There was no bread in the fridge so I had to clear off the top of the freezer...


That was when I found that the VARMINT had eaten a hole into the bottom of my favorite snack, cheesesticks. The wrapper had been filed into and the remains of the wrapper were on my freezer!! So I hollered at hubby. He had to see for himself that mouse family is NOT gone!!
I am not impressed!!! nor am I amused!!

I am slightly paranoid about going into the kitchen, the crawlspace or anywhere I have seen the darn things....

yes I know it is only "this" big, but it is a nasty feeling to know that some thing unwanted as invaded my house and I am somewhat powerless to do anything about it. So we will try... and will put down ALL of the glue strips that the exterminator left.

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