Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reward for Victory??

The Battle and Wars are OVER!! .. At least I hope it is. This Friday, I discovered evidence of a mouse. I assume descendants or siblings of our other one. Anyhow, we had to clean out the crawlspace yet again. Then we went to RONA for lumber, that hubby used to cover any remaining space. The cracks and holes were stuffed with steel wool as mice are said not to be able to chew through this stuff, and then duct taped or boarded up. As we were putting in the final triangular wedge, Hubby tells me that he heard the mouse crawling in the wall. I actually heard it as well.
Me: "So what happens when they can't get in here?"
"Hopefully it dies." was hubby's reply.

Me: "Eww... or goes to the neighbors."

So then we had to put it all back in. After which I decided, it being almost 7 p.m., that we deserved a reward. So I suggested a movie that was up hubby's alley....

City of Ember is based on the premise that the nuclear holocaust has occurred, and to give humanity a chance to survive, a city was created underground. The people were to be there for 200 years. The timer was a box that was handed from mayor to mayor, but one of the mayor's dies before he is able to hand down the secret of the box. So it is forgotten and the people end up in the City for longer than 200 years. The systems, specifically the generator, begin to fail and so people hope for the return of the "builders", the hope to see lights other than the lightbulb generated type. It is up to 2 teenagers to unlock the secret of the box and try to save the city.

This movie was produced by Tom Hanks, and had an excellent cast. I was enthralled with every minute of it. Never a dull moment. Of course it is fantasy and that helps as the special effects and the drama/suspense were well played. Bill Murray was fabulous as the mayor.

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