Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More drama.. when will it end?

I'm supposed to be at work. But I am at home waiting for someone to come and install my new dishwasher. Last night, our new stove and dishwasher arrived. I was playing Wii with a friend so hubby went out to assist/inspect. He comes back in and tells me there is a dent on the BRAND NEW stove, but they will give us $75 off the price and use touch up paint.
"HOW do you dent a stove?"

In the end, I decided that since I have paid +++ money for these appliances, they should probably be what I paid for. If I wanted the "used" look, then I would have gotten that...

So the guy is here now. And told me that I need to have a pipe replaced or sign a waiver. Something about it being a discontinued pipe, polybutane. So I tell hubby, who calls his father, who usually does our "housework/installation" of weird things, who calls me.. I still don't really know WHAT the pipe type is .. but whatever. I figured it was better to replace than not.

So now he is gone and I had to clean up so that the maids can do their thing. And now I have to go to work and leave one of my girlfriends' here. Should be interesting.

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