Saturday, September 06, 2008

Movie Review: Bangkok Dangerous

Last night hubby and I went to this movie. I picked it. I usually like most of the movies that Nicolas Cage stars in. He did have a few that make you go "huh?" like Ghost Rider, Raising Arizona, Adaptation. This one is kind of in the middle. Apparently this is a remake of a 1999 Thai thriller movie of the same name and based on a book. Cage bought the rights and produced the movie.
So this movie is about "Joe" a hit man who is internationally known. "The Russians swear by him." He has no life outside of his work, this is how he is able to focus. He has no family, no friends and usually hires a local to be a runner for his messages etc, later killing them so as to remove all 'traces' that could link back to him.
This time, however, he gets to know the runner as a person and falls for a deaf Thai woman. (Her being deaf helps when he is ambushed and has to kill 2 people literally behind her back.)

While the movie is full of action scenes, including motorcyle chases, shooting, and fight scenes, it is also interspersed with drama. While we know nothing about Joe's background or the people that he kills, (why they are bad .. the line in the movie is the runner asking if he has to kill another bad man, and Joe replies "they are bad for someone") we still get some insight into his psyche. Joe is a loner and works alone (kind of a necessity for the type of work) but the viewer feels sympathy for the man. Sympathy for the hit man!!? Another irony. I think that was the point. When it comes to any movie, the protagonist is usually the "good guy" even though what Joe is doing is "bad".

Anyhow, hubby and I liked the movie. I would say 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

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