Monday, September 15, 2008

Lesson # 75092

Farewell to the Attack Coffee Table!!

My hubby had a glass top coffee table that he used to bang his shin into pretty much every time he got up from the couch. We never used it when we got married and have offered it on craigslist and freecycle a few times. Got no bites, so we forgot about it and it sat in our storage locker for the past 2 years. Until this weekend. We took it out because we had a taker... She was coming to get it. So I thought I would take it out to the patio so it would be shorter trips to move...

Have you ever seen glass shatter on TV? It does that in real life.. I didn't even get to put it down and it shattered IN MY HANDS. I was bleeding and didn't realize it. After calling the woman to hope I could catch her and save her the trip... and getting only her answering machine, after crawling up the stairs (3 floors) on my knees to avoid bleeding on the carpet, after rinsing off and putting on a bandaid, I went back downstairs to clean up the mess.. Not before taking these pictures of course!!

So I had to hurry and clean up as it shattered into the neighbor's side of the fence. They have a dog. The interesting thing about the glass shatter is that it was not really in slivers.. it looked like squares and there were whole pieces that had pretty designs....

Then the woman came. I buzzed her in. "Hi. are you ...? Um there's a problem. The table you came to pick up doesn't exist anymore.. I am soo soo sorry about this." I showed her the glass and luckily she didn't get upset. I felt so bad as this was her first time to pick anything up from Freecycle.

So after hubby got home and helped to clean up, my response was "well, too bad we didn't think of getting rid of it this way before. Should have done it YEARS ago."

So.. that's the end of the Attack Coffee Table. R.I.P She had a good life until 50 minutes ago!!

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