Tuesday, August 05, 2008

recap of weekend

So, we are back in town after spending the weekend in Seattle, WA. I had never been there before. I don’t think I’ve even been in the airport. Hubby has been (in the airport) but not to Seattle itself. So we were there to see the Science Fiction Museum and Music Hall of Fame. The SF museum was cool. Full of neat items from B movies and tv/movie memorabilia. Star Trek stuff was my favorite.

The Music Hall of fame was not what I expected. It started with a whole hall dedicated to the music and life of Jimi Hendrix. Which was neat, because I didn’t know half of that stuff. Then there was the history of the guitar, complete with the “guitar tree”, the NorthWest passage, which was local music history including the evolution of recording studios, grunge music and various music groups/names. The final hall was the latin music hall. Cool stuff. Not what I would have thought of. Guess I expected something less “local” and more general.

Went to Pike’s Market. Didn’t see anyone throwing fish around, but then we got there the first day and they were closed. Today, they were closing. So no big fish being flung anywhere. But lots to see. Gorgeous flowers for cheap. Fruits and veggies. And waterfront scenery.

We ended our trip by shopping some more of course. Didn’t find jeans or shoes for hubby, but got books and took lots of photos. We ended our day by going to the movies when we finally got home and unpacked. We ended our Sci-fi/site-seeing tour, but going to see the ultimate Sci-fi flic of the weekend, X-Files: I want to Believe.

I was confused at the end. No aliens! No outer space stuff? But it was sci-fi in the exploration of psychic ability, visions, and the belief in faith/god. Scully is not in the FBI anymore but works in a Catholic hospital. Her bosses/board of administration are clergy persons who advise her not to treat a patient with surgery but through hospice. She disagrees and wants to save her patient using experimental treatment. Meanwhile, Mulder has been kicked out of the FBI, but is requested special for a case of a missing agent due to the use of a psychic. A catholic priest/convicted pedophile. What an interesting plot with a lot of correlation and connections within the plot lines as characters overlap. Of course, there were some gross-out moments but not until the end. That is where the sci-fi spooky stuff comes in. That was the thing about this movie. The first X-Files movie had corn fields and radioactive bees, and aliens and a trip to the Arctic. This one was more about 2 characters facing their own demons, coming to grips with inner conflicts that sometimes spilled out into their lives with each other. While the movie was “entertaining”, because it wasn’t the norm that fans are likely used to.. I was disappointed. I was not a fan of the X-Files when the show was aired but could watch a few now and then. But still you expect more than just “normal” life with a few spooky incidents/coincidences thrown in.

If I had to rate it, I ‘d say 3 ½ out of 5.

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