Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Vacation so Far!!

“There’s water dripping from the chandelier!!”

That’s not a good thing eh? Water and electricity. This is the day before I leave for vacation and there is water coming from the ceiling of my first floor. I live in a 3 floor townhouse, so it can’t be the roof can it?

I came home from work on a rainy Vancouver day. It was what I call a “big umbrella day” as it was raining that much!! I came in and put my Ipod and mail on the dining room table and then went out to the car to get our GPS. I came in again, put it on the table and sat down to read the mail. I don’t usually do this. I usually take it upstairs as that is where the computer is and it is usually a bill. I turned on the light from the chandelier. One of the bulbs then blew sparking a “weird color”. Sat down read the mail for a few mnutes. Crossed the room to put the recycling in the basket, and then turned to see a steady stream of water running down the chandelier. This was NOT what I needed on the day before I left for vacation. I decided to go upstairs to change out of my work clothes. There is water on the carpet on the second floor. Uhoh, does this mean that a pipe has burst??

When I got upstairs I noticed that my third floor balcony is a pool!!! So I throw on some shorts and rip off my socks. Getting a towel, I lay it on the floor in front of the balcony and very slowly open the balcony door. Water starts to flow inward .. but stops at a ridge just before flooding my bedroom. So I’m ankle deep in water on my balcony hunting for the clogged the drain. After unclogging the drain, the water starts to move and I see yet another drainpipe from above my head. I find where it meets my balcony and discover a small trench for the water flow, CLOGGED with dirt. So I ran my hand along the trench and clear it of rich dirt. I go back in the house to deal with the chandelier. Upon getting back down stairs, I and hunting for something to collect the water while dealing my husband.

Him: “Hello?”

Me: “There is water coming from the chandelier!! Why would there be water from the chandelier? What should I do? “ (Notice no hello, no niceties.. just full on panic!)

By now I’m in a panic and can’t even think of WHERE the bucket or a pan is to catch the water. There is a small pond forming on the floor. Luckily I had moved my dining table towards the window for a party I had in the house a few days previous so it is dripping on the floor and not the table.

After some other frantic calls to my inlaws, some plumbers who aren’t available til at least 8 a.m. the next day, I call strata to get the “prescribed” person to come and possibly rip a hole in my ceiling. There were water spots in various other parts of my ceiling now. I ran out to get a pizza while hubby waits for the plumber. When I get home, they are upstairs on my 3rd floor balcony. The plumber tells us that it was the flooded balcony that did ALL of this. It is only water proofed 1 or 2 inches and so it seeped into the walls and ran down the inside of my second floor walls and that is why it was soaking my carpets. It looked for the point of least resistance and came out of the hole where my chandelier hangs. So the plumber tells us to poke some holes in the stucco ceiling to let the water/excess drain. So we did that in a few areas and then moved the furniture in the 2nd floor bedrooms away from the walls, found a set of needle nose pliers and used it to rip up the carpet from the floor. The inlaws came in the days following our departure and got it dried up for us.

So there were days of worry and some panic while we were in the early days of our vacation. But the house is okay (by report) so we continued to enjoy our visiting with the various ppl. The day after arriving at my mother’s, we piled into the car and drove across 3 provinces to my sister’s new house to see her family and to meet niece #3, a 4 month old. Previously I had only seen her via internet on webcam. Spent a full day with nieces and then drove to the Valley (Annapolis) to visit with some friends and see the sites. Did not have enough time though and missed a lot of people that I would have loved to see, Saw my former landlady and her dogs, as well as my first CPE supervisor. Caught him at home. (I have been to the Valley 3 or 4 times since graduation from CPE days and he has been conveniently away. Once I did not make it there, as I was supposed to go to the CAPPE conference in Halifax but had a family emergency.) Have been back on the Island for the past week and have crammed in more visits with various people, a day at Cavendish with hubby, going to amusement parks, souvenier shopping and Grampa’s Old Time Photo, as well as time at Green Gables, Greenwich National Park in St. Peter’s Bay (Eastern PEI) and rooting through old family photos to begin the process of digitizing the albums. It has been a long, at times emotionally draining trip, but so worth it.

Now it is the last day before we fly out. In the morning we will go to church with my mother and then go for a mini-reunion brunch with girls from my high school, some of whom I haven’t seen since graduation or the year after. I’ll bet there have been a lot of changes in 16 years. Most of us have been married at least once and some have children. Should be interesting tomorrow.

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