Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Life's irony #67097

Remember this ad from the 80's I think it was. Maybe it was early 90's. Well that is how I feel. Take me away from this place. My garden was a mess of overgrown poppies. It was crowding out my other flowers! So I did some clean up this evening.

My guest room is so crammed with stuff that I can't even move in there. Let alone get in the room. I think we all have space like this in our house, but it's usually a junk "drawer" not the room where I dump everything, as my guest room has become.
So.. I have decided to do something about it. The room is barely big enough for the queen size bed in it. So I will have to get that out and replace it with... well, there is also my old TV stand blocking the door. Hubby wants to move it downstairs so that the Wii can become a permanent fixture on it versus the current rolling stand that our Wii is on.
Sorry I digress. So the "guest" room, I plan for it to become a "hobby" room. Hubby has his hobby room (computer room) and I have .. the dining table. So I will empty the "second bedroom" and make it my hobby room. But we are leaving for vacation this week so I plan to do next month. That is when I find out that I have company coming who want to stay with us. The room is hardly used!! and now when I want to "use" it for something else!! THIS is when everyone needs to come and stay with us. One is coming back to town for a wedding and the other is supposed to come because they haven't seen me in forever! so October may be when I get my "hobby" room.

Of course, someone has asked but what about a "baby" room? Well we will deal with that when we have to. No point planning for something that cannot be used right now, eh?

Life is weird. In the meantime, I keep buying items for my scrapbook pages but can't do anything with them .. except pile them into the "desired hobby room".

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