Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last night I watched the most gruesome movie ever!! Pan's Labyrinth is a "fairy tale" with some of the most disgusting scenes I have ever seen. Even Hubby averted his eyes and then refused to let me watch certain parts.

The movie is about a little girl whose pregnant mother goes to stay with her new husband, a captain in the German army? (not sure). I did not realize this would be a movie about the war. The fairy tale aspect comes into play because the girl uses this to escape the horror of the fighting and "new father" that are her new existence.

Fairy tales are meant to help us to escape our reality or to explain a point or moral, as Aesop's fables did. This one was in keeping with the Grimm Brothers.. the true Grimm brother stories, not the Walt Disney versions. Grimm tales are gruesome and full of horror. What the point of them.. I'm not sure. True to tradition, this "fairy tale" was gruesome in the "killing" scenes due to war and basic disregard for life.

Can't say this was a "good" movie or not.. Interesting plot.

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