Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hancock Movie

Yesterday, hubby and I went to see the movie "Hancock". It was not quite what I expected. It had its funny moments, action and drama, but as to classifying the genre... I'm not .. sure. Hancock is a man with superpowers, but spends most of his time drinking or drunk, hence in "saving" people, he causes damage to exterior structures, more than the "save" is worth. Mr. Hancock seems to be the only one of his kind. He doesn't even know where he came from. He woke up in a hospital with no id, but 2 tickets to movie. So when the nurse asked for his "John Hancock", he assumed that was his name.
Jason Bateman's character works in PR and decides to assist Hancock to improve his image, as Hancock is not usually appreciated for his efforts, and is usually jeered and insulted for "helping". Along the way, there are some plot twists. But it was still a bit weak.

Hubby and I have ratings for movies: theatre worthy, rental and download. This was in the lower end of the spectrum of the theatre worthy.

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