Saturday, June 07, 2008

And the bride said....

"Don't loose any more weight or you won't be able to fit it again." Funny thing to hear eh?

So I am in this wedding at the end of the month. The dress was finished last week and came from Vietnam. The bride is from Vietnam as well. I have been on a weight loss program since the beginning of the year. And lost a few more inches since being measured the week prior. The dress really needs to be altered. It is longer than the photo, at my request, but now is too long. It is hard to find long skirts due to my height and the dress hits the floor. I think it is funny.

The groom called to say that my dress is here, actually dresses. I wasn't sure if that meant I wear one in the ceremony and one at the reception as the bride and groom are doing, but actually there was a mistake and so I will have a red one and a pink one. I think it is fun and can't wait until they fit properly.

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