Monday, May 26, 2008

Mouse in the House

The other day I was making food to take to a function. I had to dig for a pan that I don't use too often. I was closing the door of the pantry and I saw it.. a mouse ran from one side to the the crawlspace under my stairs. At first, I was stunned. This was not the cute little mice that you see in the cartoons...

No, it looked more like this. But I was quite upset and hollered for my husband. He said we would buy a mousetrap the next day. Then proceeded to say at least I didn't scream like ______ did, who apparently screamed and leaped on a chair. Then he told me another story of someone from work and her reaction when a mouse ran over her foot. This is not what I needed. I told him that he would have to do the job. I was so upset that I could hardly fall asleep that night. Granted we live in a townhouse complex and the other tenants likely have similar issue then. I prefer ignorance. We finally got to the store yesterday for the trap and also picked up the sonic alarm thing. Supposedly it will keep the mice away with the noise.

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