Thursday, April 03, 2008

Conversation Today at 5 p.m.

Me: (on phone) Hi, this is ___________ I have a 5:30 appointment
MD's office: With Dr. _____?
Me: Yeh I guess. I don't know his name.
Her: Yes we have you for 5:30 with Dr. M.
Me: Well, I can't make it. I have a problem. I have locked myself out of my house and so I can't get in to get my car keys.
Her: Oh my, well we can reschedule.
Me: I suppose I could come on the bus.. but I don't know how because I've never been there that way.
Her: Well that's ok. You go do what you have to.

Then I reschedule the appointment for the following day.
Then I calll my hubby.

Him: Hello
Me: I have a problem. I don't have my keys.
Him: Oh. That's IS a problem.
Me: So I'm standing outside the gates and I can't even get in and I had to re-schedule my appointment that was 5:30. So I guess I'll turn around and come back. Where are you?
Him: Well why don't you call my brother and see if he's home yet?
Me: No no no. Because he doesn't have the 3rd set anymore, we gave THAT to the maids.
Him: Oh right. Well come here then.

So I turn around. after being 50 feet from my door, and go all the way back into town on transit (another 30 minutes) and have dinner with my hubby and then go home again.

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