Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Before Green Gables

Someone lent me this book and I pretty much read it in a day! I have loved the story of Anne, especially since I am from PEI, and have seen the "land of Anne". Ever since I saw it immortalized with Megan Fellows as Anne, I have enjoyed it more. Anne of Green Gables first aired when I was away at college. It made me homesick because I could recognize the "real" Island versus the set. This book is well done considering it was not written by Lucy, but the style is still in keeping with L.M. Montgomery.
I had wondered what my former prof, Ms. Epperly would think about the book, as well the MacDonald family, until I saw the link for the website complete with Ms. Epperly's photo, as well read the endorsement of the Macdonald family on the back of the book. Then I read it... it is fabulous!! If you like Anne, read this book!!

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