Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl-- Movie Review

Last year, I bought the book for cheap while on a trip.. I needed something for the plane ride back. This evening, Hubby and I went to the movie. He did not read the book and I sort of didn't remember all of the plot until the movie started.
The first thing you note about this movie is the richness of the sets and costumes. This helps to set the stage immensely. The actors were fabulous, although at first I was trying to figure out why Eric Bana (who played Henry) reminded me of Cory Feldman. I knew it wasn't him because I had seen an episode of the "two Coreys" and learned that he was focused on music. This story is based on the premise of the bond of family connections and how it influences one's path in life, especially when it comes to power. There are varying aspects of the pursuit for power within but in the end, it is bond of sisters that rules even though the relationship between the 2 sisters wasn't always the best.
While there were some crucial aspects left out from the book, the movie is pretty true to the book, however I think it is better to read it to understand the complexities, so that those of us who have read the book aren't explaining plot issues to our fellow movie goer who did not read the book.

It was better than going to see 27 Dresses, but that will be next on the list. That is definitely a chick flick compared to this one.

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