Saturday, January 26, 2008

Birthday Bash

Yesterday was my "Annual Birthday Bash". This year I decided that rather than go to a restaurant and pay to eat food that people may not like, we would stay in and play games and eat. So people came over to play board games and Nintendo Wii. As you may see from previous blog entries, I was recently in Orlando at DisneyWorld where I bought a Mickey Mouse hat. I wore that one for most of the evening.

And decided that since I have so many, everyone would be required to wear a hat for the duration of the party and we would change them at random. My friends thought it was fun. My reasoning was that it was my party, my day, so everyone should try to be me, and look like me. (and I have about 25 hats, so I might as well get use of them.)

Hence we had fun changing our looks every other minute. My friend was upset that he couldn't come due to scheduling. "The one time there is authorized Hat wearing, and I am not there. I really only want to wear one specific hat.. whatever hat you are wearing." (He enjoys taking my hats from me and wearing them. We reason that it is because I am known for my hat wearing and likely because he looks silly in them.)

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