Monday, December 17, 2007

Joy Bumps!

What is with my face? This was my "joy bumps" from a skit we did yesterday in church as part of the sermon for the children's service.

Joy Bumps

Skaterboy Dan (dressed in an oversized T-Shirt and a baseball cap wanders onto the stage): What’s the big deal about Christmas anyways? Isn’t Christmas supposed to make everyone’s life better? Aren’t we supposed to be happy?

What’s all this joy to the world stuff? I am not happy at all!!! My teacher at school gives me so much homework. Doesn’t she know that I just want to play?

How can I be happy if my mom expects me to clean my room? Doesn’t she know that I like my room exactly the way it is? Why can’t she leave me alone?

And Timmy being a better skateboarder than me really makes me unhappy. I practice and practice but he is still better. That is so unfair. I just want to be happy.

Sally (wearing pig tails): (enters singing, face covered in bright colored dots) “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart, where? Down in my heart! Where?

Dan: Enough already!! Miss Joyful!!!

Sally: What’s eating you? It’s Christmas! Joy to the World, Silent Night and Rudolph the Reindeer for goodness sake!!! The season of joy, peace and love!!! I mean its Jesus’ birthday, I get joy bumps just thinking about it!!!

Dan: Joy bumps?

Sally: Yeah, joy bumps! They start at the top of my head and go all the way down until I’m covered in them!

Dan: I thought you had some really big zits. Do they make you sick?

Sally: No, Dan, but they are contagious. Why, sometimes when I’m walking in the mall and smiling, just full of joy, the next thing I know, someone is smiling back at me with a face full of joy bumps too! How awesome is that!!!

Dan: Okay, I guess. If they’re so contagious, how can I catch them, I’m really desperate! I’ve tried everything to be happy, but nothing I’ve tried works!!!

Sally: You don’t catch them silly; joy comes from within. Only Jesus can put true joy in your heart, the kind of joy that spills over onto other people! Joy is different from happiness, Dan, you can be happy over a good grade or a new puppy, but that wears off pretty quick when it poops in your new running shoes.

Dan: So you can’t get joy bumps from a toy, or school, or even from sports?

Sally: Nope, just Jesus! He brings joy for the whole world. He came from Heaven to Earth so that everyone can have real joy. He has enough joy for each person to have lots of their own. You just have to ask him to come into your heart and give you His joy.

Dan: Will he even give me joy? Will it hurt?

Sally: No, it doesn’t hurt and yes, he will give it to you if you ask. Let’s go and pray and ask Jesus to give you his joy.

(Sally and Dan exit the stage energetically)

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