Thursday, November 22, 2007

Where were you five years ago? 5 years ago, I packed my bags, said goodbye to my new boyfriend, my friends that were left in the town where I grew up, and parents and flew to the other end of the country. I showed up in BC on November 19, and started work 2 days later. 2 suitcases and hope for a new life. 2 suitcases and a thought that I must be crazy or desperate to move this far away from all that I knew. Sure I had gone to 4 different colleges/universities in different provinces, but this was different. And I told myself it was only for 2 years. One to get ordained, two to get my specialist with CAPPE (next level of certification/training)... and then get the heck outa there.
..... Well....

it is 5 years later, and here I am. Still here. Ordained, but not yet on the specialist. It took a while to get ordained and I got distracted with work, and .. the death of my father, death of my great-aunt, distracted with more work, enjoying not needing to shoveling snow, gained a husband. Well the husband is probably the main thing keeping me here. I don't need/want to leave now as my life is now established.. more or less.

I remember sitting in my furnished rental 1 bedroom apartment and freaking out. Wanting to pack everything I owned and leave. Go back home to the parents, but I knew that I was supposed to be here. That I was called to something more. That I couldn't go back home just for a boyfriend that I wouldn't marry, parents who would be supportive but wonder if I would every do anything with my life, wonder at what to do with a quitter ...

I guess the whole thing is about faith. Faith in God and His leading, faith in yourself and the courage that is within, faith in the blessings that life holds ... even when you aren't able to see/think what they might be.

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