Friday, November 02, 2007

What would you think if SHE came to visit you?

This is what I wore today in the afternoon. My headpiece says "Nunsense" and later, I added a "name tag" that read "Reverend Mother" as this is what some staff have called me at times. There were quite a few double takes as some were not sure if I was legit or if it was a costume. I work in a catholic facility, hence seeing a nun is not a unexpected thing. So my coworker took me to the front desk and introduced me to a long-time volunteer who had also worked with us for 25 years. "Sister would like to say 'hello' to you." The woman stood up to shake my hand, her face drained of color as she was trying to figure out what "Sister" knew her now. Then I said, "hi, I work in pastoral care". She looked so relieved. "I thought I knew your face... but couldn't place it."

Then I went to "convert the masses" as you can see.. it didn't work. *wink

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