Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I must be crazy..!!

I subscribe to freecycle.org. When trying to figure out how to get rid of my stuff before the marriage and move to the "new life", I was annoyed with Craigslist and wanted more options. So.. I found freecycle. Well this past week, I got it into my head to request free books to donate to my hospital library as I was listening to a lot of patients complain that they were bored. With the public libraries closed due to strike, plus hearing how dismal the current library seems to be (harlequin romance novels and National Geographics) I figured that we needed more. Plus if I found some in the pile that I liked, they would become a part of my library. So sweetie and I just loaded 8 packed boxes to go to work with me in the morning. 3 packed boxes will go to my church for book sales, etc. but the pile you see on the table...(which is actually 3 high piles) are marked for me and my library. Once I purge more of my own of course.. *wink.

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