Saturday, July 28, 2007


So I had ordered the book a few months ago. I never really planned to but this book, but I had read hubby's copy of the Half Blood Prince and liked it. It is the only one we owned (other than this one) that I know of. Well One day I drove the car to work. I normally take transit and hence read the book on the way home. So I left it on the table that morning as I didn't need to take it. Hubby picked it up and finished it.. in a DAY!! I hate how he does that. I know he reads fast, but this is ridulculous. I tease him that he isn't really reading the whole thing when he does that.
On a similar note, my friend told me that her mother and hubby were reading said book. The mother wanted to finish it first and called my friend to "distract" hubby so that she could catch up due to an interuption. My friend was not impressed with this. I'm not sure who finished first, but it is still kind of funny.
I am not finished of the book as I have put it down from time to time to do other things.

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