Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's wrong with the world

My mother and aunt were in town this weekend as their cruise left from here. I had to take them to the airport the day after they arrived. Mom hadn't been to the house since I moved in... since it was painted and looks a bit more lived it. When she came before, it was for my wedding, and we were in the process of moving in. So I was a little nervous. Mom had gotten the whirlwind tour of the house in 10 minutes as we were late for some wedding errand. So they were both here and over breakfast our chat led to various topics. I remember one comment that my aunt made. We were talking about the shoes that people wear, the "Crocs", and the fact this generation/society is going overboard on just about everything. Her comment was that she saw kids with accessories on these shoes.. "when people have enough time or money to accessorize $10 shoes, you know that something is wrong with the world."

I have been remembering that comment with amusement for the week.

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