Thursday, June 28, 2007

I know .. it's been a while since I have written anything. I have thought of things to write but forgot them later.. i.e. that wierd dream, or interesting happening on the way to work. but really I have either been at work, cleaning the house for the pending delivery of my.. I mean our new couch (hence I am currently sitting on the floor where the old one was), or I have been on Facebook. Facebook is cool. I discovered that I have 220 "friends" mostly from work or my "old life" on the PEI. I just finished having the nicest conversation with an old boyfriend. He said that he was surprised I would talk to him as it has been so long. But hey, isn't everyone a little curious about someone from their past? This guy was my prom date. I don't think that I really knew him that well. We didn't date very long as we were going in different directions. He is not surprised that I am a minister, but I was surprised (even though I knew it then) that he had gotten married so early. He needed to do some growing up. But then, who didn't in their teen years?

So I am still sitting on the floor contemplating my week. This Saturday will be the last one that I work permanently. I will go back to Monday to Fridays starting next week (except for the long weekend part), and I have refused to sign up for any weekend in July. I figure I deserve a normal month before I become a team player again about weekend coverage. I've been trying to get my girlfriends to come for brunch with me one Saturday in July, but it doesn't look promising as people are away... either way. I am looking forward to sleeping in and maybe going to some family function (his side) and figuring out who everyone is.

Still tired, but more hope. Hungry though. Must go.

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